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street etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
street etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

6 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

NEVERCREW’S magical murals grace Swiss school

graffiti wall hd - graffiti old school wonderland

 Whenever I pass bleak-looking school buildings, I imagine their exteriors transformed into playful wonderlands.

7 Temmuz 2012 Cumartesi

peach beach street art galleries

colour in fotgotten places | street art and illustrations by peachbeach

peach street illustrations

“Colour in forgotten places” is a selection of street art and illustrations of German collective Peachbeach (which we already talked about here: Berlin Street Art by PeachBeach Collective), composed of illustrators / graphic designers Attila Szamosi and Lars Wunderlich .

6 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

Mr Dheo Graffiti

beautiful street art - graffiti photorealistic
Mr Dheo is a photorealistic graffiti artist hailing from Portugal

27 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba

Beautiful street art | GLOBAL STREET ART

street art images - black graffiti wallpaper

Not too long ago I got in touch with the Amazing Lee Bofkin, founder of Global Street Art. Lee has travelled half this globe and took pictures of every piece of graffiti and street art he could find out there. He has a database with 10.000's of street art pictures from Rio de Janeiro to Sydney and is kind enough to share some of those masterpieces with us every once in a while! You can like globalstreetart on facebook here facebook or follow them on twitter @globalstreetart

30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

street sticker art design

sticker street art design

Some Sticker Art at the Hatch Kingdom Sticker-Museum in Berlin-Friedrichshain.[ via : streetfiles ]

15 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Urban arts | female illustrations

grafis tribal - female murals

London street artist findac. In the works of ancient and modern cultural art theme is about the movement. The artist often explores images of tribal women.

9 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Unique Graffiti of Shok 1 ( 3d murals)

3d murales - street art

street art illusions - graffiti

Shok 1 is a veteran of british graffiti art having on the early years been one of the most active adn skillful writers of the country.

25 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

modern street art | Graffiti by Asker

modern street art

Thought I’d post a few photos from Asker, an Italian graffiti artist whose work I’ve really been enjoying recently.

17 Nisan 2012 Salı

3d street art Chalk illustrations by Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner

julian beever - kurt wenner

julian beever -  kurt wenner

It doesn’t matter how many times I see these chalk illusions my mind has trouble trying to figure out exactly what it is I’m looking at. It’s the ultimate in art and real life blending together to create a masterpiece.

14 Nisan 2012 Cumartesi


peachbeach graffiti

berlin murals

A selection of creative street art in Berlin created by PeachBeach Collective, a group of three German street artists.

26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Street Art by graphic designer ABCNT

street art - murals - american graffiti

graffiti - kill bill

ABCNT is an Iranian-American street artist, graphic designer, DJ, and Filmmaker from from Los Angeles, California. His style is centered around politics. His trademark aka the “Business Bandit” consist of the upper portrait of a man whose face is partially covered by a bandana.

20 Mart 2012 Salı

Street Art by illustrator Faith47

street art faith 47

 Faith47 is a self-taught contemporary street artist artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Faith draws inspiration from her existential questions. She ventures off into places where others might not venture into. Faith is humbled by the destructive and creative nature in human life. Her paintings are both metaphorical and meaningful. She tries to convey a message that is abstract and definitive. Looking for meaning in the words, life, death, and freedom.

9 Mart 2012 Cuma

Lake Worth’s 18th Annual Street Painting Festival ( street artwork )

 For a weekend, the streets of downtown Lake Worth are a canvas being transformed into works of art. With hundreds of artists using only chalk creating more than 200 paintings, the festival claims to be the largest of its kind in the world.

7 Mart 2012 Çarşamba


very week, our Graffiti Department features someone old or new, traditional or unconventional,

24 Şubat 2012 Cuma

Lido Lugano 2005 01 (graffiti murales switzerland swiss art never nevercrew kuoni spray)

aerosol art bombolette crew decoration graffiti interior kuoni lugano magliaso murales never nevercrew paintings skatepark spray street svizzera swiss switzerland tacom ticino wall magliaso

15 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba


Spanish Street artist Belin - modern street art

Graffiti is a fantastic medium for expressing human emotions. Traditionally, graffiti has been regarded as a violation of public property, but the photo-realistic graffiti featured here can easily be recognized as artistic genius.

25 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba


The placement of this piece for documentation is well thought out and shows an interesting perspective.