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digital photography etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
digital photography etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

22 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Gothic | isaac cordal

gothic theme | isaac cordal photography

isaac cordal - gothic photography

Isaac Cordal (born 1974) is a Spanish artist whose work involves sculpture and photography in the urban environment. He lives between Brussels and Galicia.

21 Nisan 2012 Cumartesi

Excellent Examples of Conceptual Photography

 Conceptual photography is a kind of photography in which the photographer makes a photo based on a concept or idea.  Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract pictures which can be interpreted by the viewer. Even though most photographers have a specific meaning they are trying to get across, usually the image can be interpreted in many different ways.

19 Nisan 2012 Perşembe

Surrealism Photography by Gerald Reisinger

Gerald Reisinger also known as Monolab is a photographer based in Austria. Inspired by a lot of amazing photographers out there, Gerald has founded himself creating pictures with a such a distinct colour palette and also very surrealistic.

15 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Clay Patrick McBride Photography beautiful photos

professional photography - hd blac photos

one color wallpaper

Based in New York, Clay Patrick McBride has spent the last eight years photographing the stars of rock, hip hop and basketball. He began his visual training in the South of France, where he studied painting and art history.

22 Mart 2012 Perşembe

18 Mart 2012 Pazar

paintings of people in love

Pakayla Biehn shows photorealistic multiple-exposure paintings at Gallery Hijinks in San Francisco

This month San Francsico artist Pakayla Biehn has a solo show at Gallery Hijinks. Biehn paints photorealistic paintings which are inspired from multiple exposure photography. Combining indistinct figures with exquisitely detailed observations of nature, Biehn unifies dreams and reality into some breathtaking work.

7 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Qian Yi intriguing beautiful illustrations

Chinese artist Qian Yi has composed these intriguing illustrations by combining elements of digital painting with more traditional styles. Many of them incorporate a sense of adventure with the traveling boy series of works. Yi is able to incorporate all kinds of color palettes and perspectives to effectively portray the message of the pieces. These illustrations would fit perfectly into a short animation story or can stand alone as sweet individual narratives.

16 Şubat 2012 Perşembe

Ani-Human Body Painting by Lennette Newell

A photographer has created a bizarre exhibit featuring naked models being covered with body paint to look just like wild animals. Lennette Newell’s daring pictures show models posing covered in paint as zebras, elephants, baboons and cheetahs next to their real life counterparts. The San Francisco

2 Şubat 2012 Perşembe

Brave New Worlds: Showcase of Fantasy Digital Paintings

When it comes to digital paintings there are many artists whose virtual brushes capture life as we know it in some form or fashion. Giving us glimpses at our world through their imaginations. Though some go beyond

7 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Life Collection of Photography

As we have talked about in the past, photographers capture moments of life and present them to us in much more visually enhanced ways. Allowing a new tint to be laid atop the world as we traditionally know and