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29 Ocak 2015 Perşembe

BUY | Solar Power Energy Cockroach

eFashion Solar Power Energy Cockroach Fun Gadget Office School
solar- gadgets - solar toys

 solar electronic gadgets can start its mini-engine by shaking itself when exposed to sunlight.
*No batteries are needed.

27 Ocak 2015 Salı

BUY | Solar Powered Spider Robot

eFashion Educational Solar Powered Spider Robot Toy Gadget Gift
solar powered - buy robot - spider - robot - solar gadgets - robot kits

The Crocodile, when exposed to sunlight, can start its mini-engine by shaking itself, so no batteries are needed.It's novel and unique; also it's a good demonstration of solar power on a small and cute scale, a wonderful enlightenment for students' solar energy concept teaching as well.